Joe and Keppler Take a Walk

Keppler walked across the barren wasteland, then stopped to wipe his shoes before he went inside.

Joe looked at him funny.

“That’s a weird thing to do,” he said.

Keppler wiped his other sole, and they walked inside.
Once inside, he made himself a cup of tea and sat at the window. Joe climbed up into Keppler’s lap and fell asleep. Keppler just looked out the window. The wispy clouds were drifting across what was left of the sun. Another hazy day.

Joe woke up and went into the kitchen to get a bite to eat, and Keppler followed him. He scratched behind Joe’s ears while he ate, and remembered what it was like before everything happened.

Nighttime came. There were no lights to turn out, so Keppler and Joe laid down when it grew too dark to really see. They kept each other warm.

“Keppler?” said Joe.

Keppler grunted.

“I’m glad you attempt to maintain a sense of civility and normalcy, even though the world as we know it is drawing to an end, and everyone we’ve ever known or cared about has either died or been obliterated.”

But Keppler was already asleep.

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