Joe and Keppler Go to the Movies

“Want to go see a movie, Joe?” Keppler asked.

“Of course I do.” replied Keppler.

“Ok. What do you want to see?”

“Something with space aliens, maybe.”

“Sounds good.”

Keppler and Joe walked downtown to the theater. There were six movies playing: a Western, starring Jack Bishop, a romance, starring Debbie Terry, a biopic of Gregory Hines, an action movie starring a Frenchman, and a movie called ‘The Planet Beyond the Planet’. It looked like it would have aliens.

“Two for ‘The Planet Beyond the Planet.” Keppler said to the man in the ticket booth. The man at the booth, whose name was Todd, gave him one ticket.

“I asked for two!” said Keppler.

“Only humans can see ‘The Planet Beyond the Planet, sir.” Todd sounded apologetic. He looked at Joe but Joe didn’t look back.

“What about the other movies?” asked Keppler.

“They’re all humans only except the romance.”

“Is the romance any good?”

“I’m not sure animals would enjoy it. It made me cry.”

Keppler and Joe walked out of earshot of Todd.

“What do you think, Joe?” asked Keppler.

“It doesn’t sound like my sort of thing. I wanted aliens.” said Joe.

Keppler nodded. He’d wanted aliens too.

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