Spiderman and Feleca Hardy fight with Voldemort.

Finally spiderman ate the cake. It was sweet.

What r u doing spiderman? said Feleca Hardy the black cat

I am eating this cake black cat said spiderman. Do u want some cake!

Feleca hardy the balck cat ate some cake. This cake is good spiderman said feleca.

Do u want to kiss said spiderman.

What about maryjane? said balck cat but then voldemort busted thru the window. Be crful said spiderman. I will said the black cat.

They punched Voldemort and his horcrux broke and so he died. Maryjane is dead said spiderman so Feleca Hardy took off his mask and he was Peter Parker!

u r Peter Parker! said Feleca the black cat. Yes i am said Peter and he smiled and the litening bolt scar on his fourhead glowed.

One thought on “Spiderman and Feleca Hardy fight with Voldemort.

  1. Kirk says:

    This one reminds me of archy and mehitabel free-verse poems by Richard Wilbur. By "reminds," I mean just that: there are really no similarities. Maybe if archy was on the drugs and watched more movies. (archy is a cockroach).

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