Monthly Archives: August 2011


Five in the morning, the starlight fading,

The all-night DJ stops spinning and starts saying,

That it is morning, it’s finally morning,

It showed up right before my eyes without a warning.

Signs scroll a detour up ahead,

And the sky is circulating blue and red.

The dashboard tells me I’m running out of time,

But I just slow the car down; I don’t mind.

Everyone must belong somewhere,

I just hope I recognize it when I get there,

Where it ends–if it ends–God only knows,

But I’ll head for the horizon’s glow.

Deep in Death Valley, the radio,

Is speaking to me in a language I don’t know.

Some mixed-up signals, some Spanish song,

I’m interpreting the words all wrong.

Here on the shoreline, as close I can get,

To the spot where dry land gives away to wet,

I raise a chorus; Oh, I raise a hymn,

To the day the sun will rise again.