Monthly Archives: October 2011

Joe and Keppler Make An Observation

“Have you ever noticed,” said Keppler, looking at the sun, “that when you look away from the sun, there are a few moments when it seems like you’re still looking at it?” Joe had made this observation in the past, often while in Keppler’s presence, but saw no need to make a big deal of it.

“While at the market Tuesday, I found a squash that was shaped quite like a thigh, if said thigh were rounder, bulbous on the one end, and grew on a stalk. Do you often see vegetables that resemble things that are not vegetables?” Joe didn’t hear this question. He was trying to free his foot from a hole that rather resembled a particularly dark Vasarely piece. For him, it evoked the endless void of death. Keppler thought Joe had stepped in excrement.

Joe freed himself just as Keppler anecdoted, “In the future, I expect we’ll have computers to make observations for us. Perhaps we’ll simply point a phone, or a finger, at an object, and we’ll instantly be told what it looks like. I wonder that tree looks like?”

A child shouted across the arboretum, “It looks like a Christmas tree!”

Keppler was amused. “Would you say, Joe, that this looks like a Christmas tree?” Joe was out of earshot. He had fallen into a hole.

Joe and Keppler Go to the Park

“How do you feel about going to the park, Joe?” asked Keppler. Keppler was really asking a rhetorical question. He knew Keppler felt good about going to the park. Joe knew this, and laughed. Before long, they were walking down the road.

“Watch out for cars, Joe.” said Keppler, supervisingly. Joe watched accordingly.

Keppler got excited a few times when he saw what believed to be the park, but which were actually, in the following order, an ice cream stand, a Pepsi can and a golf cart. Finally, they arrived at the park. Joe was unusually excited. He ran, laughing, off to his favorgite area while Keppler sat down to read.

After a few hours, Kepler had finished Goodnight Moon and Joe had dug many holes and staked out the fort. Keppler, unaware that Joe had slipped into full-on combat mode, foolishly called his name. There would have been a burst of gunfire, but since Joe didn’t have a gun, he just walked out to Keppler.

“Boy, you look like you’d shoot me if you had a gun,” said Keppler.

Joe didn’t laugh, but he did shake his head. Keppler removed his head from Joe’s jaws and smiled.

“I’m ready to go home.” said Keppler. “This has been a plot-heavy day.”

Joe agreed, his head full of memories of battles past and those yet to come.