This Needs to Stop. Yes, This. It Needs to Stop. Stop.

There is something happening in the world of print. I see it everywhere. Whether I am reading about religion, social issues or technology, it is there. It is especially prevalent in books and blog posts that aim for the heart. This technique is apparently a shortcut to humankind’s emotional core.

What is this technique?

Well, what is it? Would you like me to share it?

I want to tell you, reader, what it is.

I truly do.

I mean that sincerely. I wish you would hear me.

Please, hear this.

Come on, aren’t you listening? Why don’t you listen?

Fine. If you won’t listen, I won’t share it.

I won’t.

It’s probably not that important…

…but it is.

It’s a small thing. Very small.

Miniscule, in fact.

Basically, it is this, and this only:

There is no need to turn every.






It doesn’t make reading easier.

It just makes it more annoying.


3 thoughts on “This Needs to Stop. Yes, This. It Needs to Stop. Stop.

  1. Sarp says:

    Nope. Don't buy it. People don't speak in paragraphs. Well, maybe professors. So I am rebelling. In other words…you can't make me. Could be worse. It could be text speak. Amirite? LOL.

  2. Writing is fundamentally different than speaking.

  3. Text speak would be different.But.Not much worse.Plus, you don't write like that on your blog.

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