Friends On Fire

If I am ever on fire, please, put me out.

If I saw a friend of mine, and they were on fire, I might be tempted to just look the other way. Not because he or she isn’t important to me, but the blaze could ignite my haircare products and make my head go up in flames. No one wants an exploding head, no matter what they say to your face.

That’s why I’m glad that my friends aren’t like me. They’d put me out without a second thought, most of them. I’d probably put them out. There would probably be a delay. I’d at least collect their ashes.

Am I selfish? Perhaps, but if your body was made of 100% post-consumer waste, you might want a little distance as well.

It’s hard to put out a fire when you’re made of paper.

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5 thoughts on “Friends On Fire

  1. saradraws says:

    Welcome to wordpress, flammable man.

  2. I america, they’d not put you out – but they’d take a picture and/video and submit it to something or other for a cash prize.

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