Restaurant Review – Taco Bell Drive Thru, 12-10-2012


Atmosphere: Car lane was well-lit. Did not feel as though I was likely to be mugged until someone walked too close to my window. Lane was spacious, making it easy for me to defend myself with travel taser. Child’s parents were not sympathetic, although I used the low-voltage setting. This was not Taco Bell’s fault, however.

Speed of service: Unknown, as food was never received. It took less than one minute to be dragged from my car, however. The citizens that held me down were quite efficient, with one sitting on my legs and one on my thorax. Elderly woman had police on speed dial.

Quality of food: See Speed of Service.

Employee attitude: Employees were largely unhelpful. Did not offer refund or respond to my cries of helpless innocence. Note: Customer not always right at Taco Bell.

Would return: If restraining order is lifted, yes. Am curious about new Steak Nachos.

Final score: 8.5/10 Best dining experience in some time.

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Taco Bell Drive Thru, 12-10-2012

  1. Ha! It’s cool that you didn’t get to try it – the quality of food would’ve been quite low. So really, the child’s family holding you down and the restaurant give you a restraining order did you a favor! Your digestive system is seriously thanking you.

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