Blog in the Time of Cholera


The international bestseller

Entering the bedroom, I knew something was wrong: there was a naked baby peeing on the bed, a put-upon wife sobbing on the sheets.  I extended my hand; she took it willingly, looked at me with blazing eyes.

“She is blazing.” I touched our child’s head. It was true. The forehead was hotter than my wife’s eyes. I reflected on earlier times, better days when I could sleep. I also recalled the times during which my wife would slumber. I remembered the nights, those glorious nights, when it was peaceful, when our little offspring, snug in her bed, would pass the night without expelling a single slug-like loogie. The poor dear—I looked at her now, her brow fevered, her baby voice husky, and she spoke to me:

“I will never sleep again.”

And we believed. God help us, we believed.

That’s why I haven’t been blogging. Happy holidays, everyone. Higher quality content coming soonish.

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9 thoughts on “Blog in the Time of Cholera

  1. Addie says:

    I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

  2. saradraws says:

    One day, they will make baby nyquil. Then there shall be sleep. Until then, courage…

  3. Oh, not good…she must sleep. I hope that was just temporary. Is she sleeping better? I, too, remember when I lay in bed in peaceful slumber, many moons ago…

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