Some Days Are Like That


Not actual dog

Time: Yesterday, 11:00am to 10pm

Place: Home, outdoors, vetmobile

Events were as follows: All but baby woke up v. late, after staying up most of the night watching The Godfather[1]. Baby chose to wake up earlier than husband, wife, dog, cat, etc.

Baby peed in several places, mostly outside of diaper. Dog peed on floor. Cat peed in box. Wife did not pee. Husband considered peeing in solidarity, but opted not to.

Day started well enough, with discussion of compost bin creation. Discussion ended when husband made light of serious topic, refused to acknowledge insensitivity, setting off situation that had been brewing for most of the morning. Strong words resulted. [2]

1.5 hours of silent frustration later, husband began to gather animals for routine vaccinations [3]. Dog, while running from husband, ripped paw off, resulting in massive hemorrhaging and minor panic on behalf of husband. Wife, in classic “competent TV wife” mode [4], called vet, suggested taking bleeding dog to routine vaccination. Husband agreed, acquiesced [5]. Wife drove while baby screamed in seat and husband clutched trembling dog [6]. Husband forgot it was December, stood in line for 30 minutes in v. cold weather in what was essentially a blood-covered undershirt. Vet saved day with nail clippers, compassion.

Husband returned home, put dog in crate after following vet’s orders [7]. Learned shortly that towel selected to make crate homier for dog, which in the course of events ended up covered in dog nail blood, was actually one of only two expensive towels owned by household.

Rest of day continued thusly. Today was better. [8]

[1] Worth it.

[2] Note to worried readers: hugs and kisses were exchanged, but not immediately.

[3] Croup, bowel cancer, tinnitus

[4] See: every fat husband/skinny wife sitcom

[5] In case it is unclear, the initial argument was yet unresolved.

[6] Chihuahua

[7] Put flour on damaged nail, contain dog.

[8] Thank God.

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27 thoughts on “Some Days Are Like That

  1. What a day! I’m glad today was better. Thank God! I have the image of you clutching the trembling with the baby crying in the back seat. At least things aren’t dull?

  2. Haha. There’s always a bright (red blood) side!

  3. stephrogers says:

    Ha ha ha “Discussion ended when husband made light of serious topic, refused to acknowledge insensitivity. ..” I think you were in my kitchen!

  4. weezafish says:

    Eek! Glad dog okay and you and wife friends again. Always acknowledge insensitivity, always. Page 12, did you lose your handbook?

  5. mairedubhtx says:

    Poor dog. Hope he is better. What a day. That reminds me. I have two dogs that need to go to the vet but I won’t have money to take them there until next month. Bummer.

  6. iRuniBreathe says:

    Oh, I feel for you. At least you didn’t have twins howling in the backseat.
    Hope the dog is okay and you got a new shirt out of the ordeal.

  7. twindaddy says:

    Sounds like a great time!

  8. At least no one threw up on your face.

  9. Oh dear. I have two follow-up questions:
    1) Is doggy okay??
    2) Did wife ever pee?

  10. Soul Walker says:

    This is hilarious. I am glad to hear the dog is OK.

  11. I read the phrase “ripped paw off” and became very uncertain. I could not imagine how a paw could have been severed..except by a vehicle, which was not part of the story. Upon further reading, I am guessing the injury was something less severe.
    Wishing you a quick recovery for your pooch, and a reduction in wayward pee in your household.

    • It was just hyperbole, but from his (and my) reaction, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was something deadly.

      He’s completely healed now, and the pee.. well, it’s improved a little, I guess.

  12. Rashmi says:

    The ‘Like’ was for the post, not because you had such a day. Thoush maybe, more such days = more such posts? Just wondering. Don’t let loose your dog on me!

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