This post is boring.


Sometimes, you wake up clad in a full suit of armor, swinging your sword, fuming/giggling about something that’s on your mind, annoying your significant other by talking about such and such a topic incessantly. Those are the days when you sit down in front of the computer, bring up the word processor, and bang out 2,000 words on the injustice in the world, and when you’re done, you feel like you’ve really accomplished something. There’s a little part of your brain hoping to be Freshly Pressed or to go viral, just because, well, what you wrote would probably change the world, if enough of the world would just read it.

And then there’s today, when you’re 100 words into a post and still not sure if you’re even awake yet. When you hope your dog, your child, or your dog and your child in tandem, will do something exciting or funny enough for you to write about. And then, after typing a couple paragraphs a couple times, you delete your draft, start over with a new topic–say, the all-natural dandruff shampoo you’ve been using–and then reluctantly hit post and hope that at least one of the comments that comes in isn’t spam.

You’ve heard–we’ve all heard–that you can’t win if you don’t play. Rarely mentioned is that you also can’t win if you don’t play well, so some days, you’re just going to lose, and that’s ok. Maybe the dog and the kid will do something tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “This post is boring.

  1. I feel like that on a lot of days as well!

  2. And sometimes it feels good just to see words on a page, right?

  3. I like that – wake up clad in a full suit of armor. 🙂

  4. godtisx says:

    I get this. Haha. Well, it was a winner anyway, because I think any writer does. Well done.

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