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This Needs to Stop. Yes, This. It Needs to Stop. Stop.

There is something happening in the world of print. I see it everywhere. Whether I am reading about religion, social issues or technology, it is there. It is especially prevalent in books and blog posts that aim for the heart. This technique is apparently a shortcut to humankind’s emotional core.

What is this technique?

Well, what is it? Would you like me to share it?

I want to tell you, reader, what it is.

I truly do.

I mean that sincerely. I wish you would hear me.

Please, hear this.

Come on, aren’t you listening? Why don’t you listen?

Fine. If you won’t listen, I won’t share it.

I won’t.

It’s probably not that important…

…but it is.

It’s a small thing. Very small.

Miniscule, in fact.

Basically, it is this, and this only:

There is no need to turn every.






It doesn’t make reading easier.

It just makes it more annoying.